Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Dear Palermo,

When I least expected it, you show up with gifts of the exotic. What a wonderful surprise.

Of course a part of your heritage a mista (mix) of so many cultures your ancestry birthed it - nothing can be more hypnotic to tempt and tantalize.

Your skin is so bronze, deep brown with a few bleeding through with Normanie white and summer burnt red skin.

Your eyes are also brown, green, hazel and even black. I also see a few blues. The hues of autumn is what is moda, fashionable and in.

Your voice is full, thick, rich, melodic and sensual; every word you utter can romance and soften any woman with a broken heart that turned to stone.

Hearing the call "Che Bella," a soft song whispered in the eve of the night, she can now be contenta because she does not have feel or be alone.

Although you need a clean shave, the prickliness of you there is something about your being rough and rugged that I insatiably desire.

You call to me in a most unusual way - I am the moth flying straight into your wild and frenzied fire.

I want to thank you Caro mio Palermo for the beautiful sera -evening and notte-night I shall never ever forget.

Fun, laughter and history in the making, so much of you to know, I’m anxiously waiting for you to give the best yet.

Tomorrow, I plan to temporarily leave you for your cousin about 2 hours away; his name is Catania.

Don’t be jalouso (jealous) or mad, when I return back to you, it will be like a new beginning again spring – I will be your primavera.

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